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AMENDMENT 36: Selection
of Presidential Electors in Colorado

The 2000 Presidential Election created a great deal of interest in the Electoral College. In 48 states presidential elections are "winner take all" contests, awarding all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote in their respective states. Currently two states—Nebraska and Maine—allocate their electoral votes differently. (Two electoral votes are awarded to the candidate who wins the popular vote in the state, and one electoral vote is awarded for each congressional district in which a candidate receives a majority. In practice, neither state has ever split electoral votes.)

If passed by Colorado voters on November 2, our state's nine electoral votes will be awarded proportionally to each presidential candidate in the 2004 election based on the popular vote.
Read the text of Amendment 36 below.

Teachers: Download "Opinion Ballot-Amendment 36" and other resources on the Initiative Process

Used with permission. Mike Keefe, Denver Post, September 26, 2004.

Used with permission. Ed Stein, Rocky Mountain News, Oct. 15, 2004.

Text: Colorado Amendment 36: Presidential Elector Selection
Analysis-Colorado Amendment 36: Colorado Blue Book
Colorado League of Women Voters: Brief pro and con arguments

Federalist Paper No. 68. The Mode of Electing the President. Alexander Hamilton, March 1788.
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Rocky Mountain News Editorial, Sept. 19, 2004.
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John J. Sanko, Rocky Mountain News, July 31, 2004.
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National Media on Colorado Amendment 36

As the Race Tightens, Enthusiasm for a Ballot Proposal Wanes
Kirk Johnson, The New York Times, Oct. 30, 2004.
Colorado voters lose interest in split
Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, October 30, 2004.
Electoral College alternatives deserve careful scrutiny
David Broder, syndicated columnist. Seattle Times, October 21,2004.
Support wanes for Colo. initiative to split electors
Klaus Marre, The Hill Newspaper for and about the US Congress, October 19, 2004
Colorado as ground zero in debate over Electoral College
Jeff Kass, Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 18, 2004.
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AP. USA Today. August 16, 2004.

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