Youth for Justice

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention of the US Department of Justice supports Youth for Justice, a national network of organizations that work jointly to promote civic competence and responsibility at all grade levels and in all states. The network implements civic education programs that involve young people in identifying and participating in solutions that lead to safe, disciplined, drug-free schools and communities. Several national organizations form the nucleus of Youth for Justice.

A major element of Youth for Justice is a network of state LRE center directors who provide services and resources to educators in their states.

As a subcontractor for the national law-related education project, Youth for Justice, CELD searches the field for and disseminates information about appropriate law-related resources, and provides technical assistance to national and state law-related education projects. For specific information about CELD's YFJ activities, visit the links below. For more information about CELD YFJ activities, contact Laurel Singleton or Barbara Miller.